Amazon Quiz Answer’s 17 September 2021: Participate and win Rs 30,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Be prepared to tackle a fresh set of questions because, on the 17th of September, 2021 Amazon Quiz is live on its platform. Amazon is an online retailer that offers daily challenges through its app for mobile each day offering an opportunity to millions of people across the nation to win prizes. The test is available between 12 AM and 11:59 pm. The current Amazon Prize for the quiz is Rs . 30,000 Amazon Check Balance.

Participating by taking part in Amazon Quiz daily, you have the chance to win prizes like iPhone X, iPhone Xs, Seagate HDD, GoPro Hero 8 Camera, LG Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S20 Air Purifier Oppo phones, Amazon Pay Balance among others. Every day Amazon introduces a quiz in its app. In this case, we’d like to point out that the quiz isn’t accessible to desktop users and only app users are eligible to take part in the daily quiz.

The company has put five questions based on knowledge of the general public and current events to which contestants must be able to answer the questions correctly. Any incorrect answer will disqualify your participation in the quiz. If you have answered correctly to all questions your name will be selected again for a lucky draw. The winners of the drawing will be revealed at the close of each month. This means that this test prize winner’s name would be announced after each month. We have updated today’s five-question with the correct answers to ensure that you take home a prize in the Amazon Quiz and win the prize of Rs 30000 Amazon pay balance.

17 September 2021 Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1: The 2021 documentary ‘The Lost Leonardo’ tells the inside story behind which painting, the most expensive one ever sold at public auction?

The answer is- A) Salvator Mundi

Question 2: Which is India’s 1st wheelchair-accessible transport service?

The answer is- B) Ezy Mov

Question 3: In 2021, who became the youngest poet to perform at a Presidential inauguration in the USA?

The answer is- C) Amanda Gorman

Question 4: The company that designed this video game console, was originally founded under what name?

The answer is- C) Nintendo Karuta

Question 5: Identify the yoga pose.

The answer is- B) Cobra Pose

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