Answers to the Amazon Quiz Today: Win Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon Quiz 2022 has been live on the platform in March 2022. The quiz times are from 12:59 to 11:59 pm. Amazon App users are eligible to participate in the quiz every day. All they need to do is answer the questions on the e-commerce platform correctly. Participants today have a chance of winning a Rs 15,000 AmazonPay Balance.

Amazon offers a new questionnaire with 5 questions each day. These questions cover current affairs and general knowledge. You can play the quiz between 8 am and 11:59 pm. To be eligible for a lucky draw, contestants must answer correctly.

One winner is chosen each month. Gadget Bridge keeps the answers up-to-date for the Amazon Quiz to ensure you answer all five questions correctly. Check out the March 2022 Amazon Quiz Answers for a chance to win a Rs 15,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

March 2022 Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1: Israel opened its embassy for the first time in which country in 2021?

Answer: Bahrain

Question 2: President Joe Biden recently test-drove which all-electric car?

Answer: GMC Hummer

Question 3: Apple’s recent release of which ‘computer accessory’ led to amusing reactions on Twitter?

Answer: Polishing cloth

Question 4: This visual shows a cosplay of a famous literary character, which was played on screen by which famous actor?

Answer: Johnny Depp

Question 5: What is the name for this traditional garment, which is the national dress of Japan, meaning “something to wear”.

Answer: Kimono

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