How To CALIBRATE iPhone Battery in 2022

calibrate iPhone battery

It’s time to get your Calibrate iPhone Battery checked. How much time have you wasted dealing with dead batteries on your iPhone? If you’re anything like us, then you’ve probably given up on ever getting a battery that lasts more than an hour on your iPhone. First, it’s worth noting that calibrating your iPhone’s battery … Read more

What is GenYoutube? and What Does It Mean for You?


Genyoutube is a video platform that aims to provide content creators with a sustainable revenue stream. It does this by giving them a digital audience for their videos and a way to monetize those audiences. Genyoutube is similar to most other video platforms in that it allows users to post and watch videos. What makes … Read more

How to fix an Apple Watch not charging

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a treasure of a thing: This writer gets on their 5th one, the Apple Watch Series 7. However while it’s magnificently made, it’s even more like a phone than a mechanical watch when it concerns its battery. If I don’t charge mine daily it soon lacks power. So charging troubles aren’t … Read more

Remove These Google Chrome Extensions Immediately From Your System?

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome offers support for several extensions. These make the web browser safe and productive. Keeping safety in mind, Google also scans before making these extensions available for its web browser. Even after this, some dangerous extensions stealing people’s data dodge the company’s security and take entry. Once again information about some such dangerous extensions … Read more

What is Jio AirFiber? How does it work? Learn everything here

Jio AirFiber

Jio AirFiber was announced on Monday during Reliance AGM 2022. It is an ultra-high-speed fixed broadband solution. It will deliver fiber-like speed wirelessly. During AGM 2022, Akash Ambani told that this device can be placed anywhere at home or office to provide high-speed internet. Jio AirFiber is a simple plug-and-play device that will deliver wireless … Read more

WiFi Speed: Internet will start running like a Rocket! Just Read 5 Tips Carefully

WiFi Speed

WiFi Speed :- The need for a good internet connection has increased in villages and cities nowadays. Having a good WiFi connection has become very important. A good WiFi router and stable connectivity are enough to give good WiFi speed to the users. However, you can also make minor changes to improve your WiFi speed … Read more

How To Play The Virtual World – Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Virtual World

Virtual worlds have become a popular way for gamers to spend their spare time playing games. While many people enjoy spending a day playing a different game with friends. There are also some benefits to exploring the world of virtual reality (VR). A virtual world is essentially an online gaming experience that is conducted via … Read more

How to Watch TV in Mobile?

Watch TV in Mobile

Watch TV in Mobile :- Friends, the craze of mobile is increasing with time, in such a situation, now people like to watch TV in mobile too, so it is very important for you to know that like you too, you can watch TV online in your mobile very easily. Now people are so busy … Read more

What is Google Assistant? – Complete Information About

Google Assistant

Google Allo (Google Assistant) has been launched and you must have wanted to know “What is Google Allo (Google Assistant)?” or “How can Google Allo benefit you” or “How to use Google Allo” or “How to download it?” Google Allo So in this post I will tell you complete information about Google Allo. So that … Read more

Big Change is Going to happen on Facebook and Instagram, Know what Company is Preparing


Facebook and Instagram will see a change by the end of 2023. The company has said that then people will see more content from recommended accounts on these platforms. San Francisco, July 28: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has said that the company plans to double the amount of content from recommended accounts by the … Read more