EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset review: Price and Features

Although EKSA E900 Pro gaming headphones do not always cost a lot, they do aid in delivering a more enjoyable gaming experience. They can also improve your gaming experience. EKSA E900 is a budget gaming headset that is stylish, comfortably fits, and provides excellent audio quality. This is my opinion on EKSA E900 Pro.

EKSA E900 Pro Price in India

The EKSA E900 Pro price in India is Rs 3,499

EKSA E900 PRO Review, The design and the ease of use

The EKSA E900 Pro has shades of the HyperX headset in design, which gives it a high-end design. This headset (including the headband) is mainly made of plastic. However, it is also aluminum, with forks to hold the cup. Also, tiny red-colored wires are exposed across each cup, creating an exciting design for the headband. The cushioning on the earcups comprises soft faux leather, which matches my ears. The cushion on the bottom of the headband is very comfortable.

The E900 Pro is a relatively standard headphone. They stayed on my head when I was playing. However, they’re not the best for working out or running. The headset isn’t the most mobile and is heavier than it is, and the earcups with cushioned cushions allow for ideal wear. This headset is packed with a premium leatherette bag, efficiently safeguarding the headphones from scratches.

The E900 Pro doesn’t disappoint in terms of features in terms of functionality. It includes a detachable 3.5mm cable and a USB-C to USB-A cable inside the box. The bottom of the left earcup is where you’ll find most of the buttons, including the 3.5mm audio port and the volume wheel. Mutes control the USB-C charging port and the boom mic detachable slot. When you connect the headset via USB, the red LEDs on the earcups glow, which is a little feature that adds a funky flair to the overall design.

EKSA E900 PRO Review of audio performance and microphone

I tried I played with the E900 Pro on my Surface Pro, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS XL. The E900 Pro played video games, watched videos, and listened to music while wearing headphones. The sound quality is good with good lows and mids.

However, the bass can be a little loud. When playing Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita, you will hear the essential elements of the game. However, the sound quality was not as deep. However, that’s not to say the headset doesn’t sound great or something similar. The voice and music were excellent when listening to Sweet Harmony by The Beloved; the headphones, however, aren’t very loud.

Unlike standard gaming headsets, which have a fixed microphone, this comes with a retractable mic. I have to say that the retractable microphone has a top-quality voice, but it picks up a good volume of the background. It’s EKSA E900 also features the virtual 7.1 surround.

EKSA E900 Pro

EKSA E900 Review of the Pro: Should you purchase them?

There’s no issue with this model. EKSA E900 Pro. It is presented as if it costs much more, but users will get plenty of value for their money. The wired headset lives to various parameters such as looks, comfort fit, USB-C connectivity, and a carry bag. The reason you’d consider purchasing this headset for gaming is its cost, which is inexpensive compared to comparable models made by HyperX and Logitech. The audio quality isn’t exceptional.

However, it’s certainly not a disappointment, especially when considering the cost. For a quick summary, it is possible to use EKSA’s EKSA E900 Pro in various situations such as taking meetings, watching films, or listening to music. Thanks to their comfortable fit and good sound balance, they are the best option for gaming.

EKSA E900 Pro

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