Eliminate Google Chrome and Choose more Secure Browser.

Nobody wants to divulge their personal information when they surf the internet. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other popular browsers can assist in keeping your data safe from the eyes of others. The only caveat is that safeguarding those browsers is a matter of installing a few security-conscious extensions or altering the privacy settings within preferences. One browser will take the configuration, take the hassle out of the procedure, and focus on protecting your information.

In the initial version, Brave browser blocks trackers and third-party cookies. That track your activities as you move through the web. However, the browser allows you to control your activities and what information you don’t wish to be blocked from. Such as cookies and ads and Facebook and Google Login buttons.

The company behind the bizarre Brave browser has said that it is aware the strict policy of blocking is a problem for websites. You won’t get ads that support content creation for websites. Brave uses a smart approach to pay content creators and allows you to make anonymous contributions to your websites. Will then reward publishers via cryptocurrencies after they have opted into Brave’s system. Also, you can enable advertising and tracking in Brave’s settings if you don’t want to be annoyed. But the downside of being monitored is losing control of your privacy.

Eliminate Google Chrome and choose secure browser

Available for Windows, macOS, Android available for Windows, macOS, Android iOS The Brave browser has the same platform as Google Chrome. Which means Brave can also use Chrome extensions. After you tap “Find themes and extensions” in the Brave settings. You’ll be directed directly to the Google Chrome Web Store to search for themes and extensions that work with the browser.

The fact that Brave has been built using Google‘s framework doesn’t mean that you’re limited by using Google as your primary search engine. Brave has launched an open beta version of its privacy-focused search engine designed to compete with Google Chrome the other search engine, dubbed Brave Search, which will be its default engine within Brave. Brave browser. You can test Brave Search beta now. Brave Search beta is now on your computer.

If you want to use Brave Browser for mobile, you’ll need to be patient to see if Brave Search is enabled by default due to an additional Brave Browser update. At present, there’s no option to enable Brave Search manually. However, you can alter the preferred search provider by using Brave on your mobile device and then tapping the three dots icon on the right side of the URL bar. If you click Settings, the first option is to alter the default search engine.

Here’s how you can set up Brave and contribute to the creators of content and websites.

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Google Chrome

Make sure you know What Brave blocks.

As default settings, Brave block all advertisements such as trackers, Third-party cookie (which track you throughout the web using social buttons on websites), and other third-party fingerprinters (that track your activity by creating a distinct profile with your browser settings and your computer). You can modify the degree of rigidity Brave takes its approach to protect.

  1. In the Brave menu, select Preferences.
  2. On the Settings panel to the left side, taps Shields.
  3. Through the privacy options on the right, choose the level of Security you’d like.
  4. On the Settings panel, again select Social media blocking to decide whether or not you want to permit Google Chrome or Facebook login options, tweets from Twitter, and LinkedIn embedding posts.
  5. If you’d like to have more control, you can tap Security and privacy under Additional Settings on the left.
  6. Here, you can alter your control over the Brave browser’s functions like predictive services that help autocomplete URLs and searches.
  7. For a trial of Brave Search, privacy-focused search engine Brave Search, you can right-click your URL bar and select manage search engines. In the list labeled Others, search engines choose Brave Search by tapping the three dots icon to the right side and then selecting to make it the default.

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Contribute to the websites and content creators

Brave’s strict approach to advertising is costly that websites don’t make money to support their efforts. Brave developed Brave Rewards without being tracked to contribute to the websites you visit. The program allows you to earn points by watching selected Brave ads. These tokens automatically contribute revenues through crypto to the sites that you visit. It is how you can enroll in this rewards scheme.

  1. Click the hamburger menu that has three lines to the right side of the toolbar. Tap Brave Rewards.
  2. Tap Yes, I’m In.
  3. The Brave Rewards page, you can configure and modify how you participate in revenue programs:

If you want to view advertisements, you can change the number of ads you be able to.
You can control the amount to give each month in auto-contributions. You can also establish the amount of time you spend on a site before you can reward the site with an amount.

  1. Additionally, if you earn tokens for your web-based activities, you can add your crypto to your account and contribute to websites.

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