Garena Free Fire OB36 Patch Notes: New Character’s

Garena Free Fire OB36 Patch Notes- New character Tatsuya, Character Balancing, and a lot more: The much-awaited OB36 Update of Garena Free Fire is underway in Garena Free Fire. Along with typical in-game products, a brand-new personality, changes, Maps, and also system adjustments have made their means into the game. Customarily, the video game is going through an upkeep break as well as the brand-new variation will be up and running in an issue of time.

Garena formally released the patch notes a few hrs back. Here’s what you require to understand about the Free Fire MAX OB36 Patch Notes For future updates on Garena Free Fire as well as Free Fire Max.

Garena Free Fire OB36 Spot Notes.


Tatsuya was a shy as well as sympathetic kid in his childhood years. After his daddy’s fatality and the discovery that he was a traitor to the city, Tatsuya and his enduring household encountered endless bias and also discrimination. He ended up being a truant, who socialized with gangs, as well as dealt with against other teenagers that attempted to speak ill of his household. Having lived in the rushing and also bustling city of Griza.

Tatsuya is made use of to all type of brawling. He has been utilizing his active rate for attack and defense. Whether it is to assail his enemies or to promptly locate cover to pull back. Tatsuya has always gotten on top of his video game.”

Rebel Rush:- Dashboards onward at a fast speed for 0.2/ 0.2/ 0.2/ 0.3/ 0.3/ 0.3 s. Dash renew time: 175/ 160/ 150/ 140/ 130/ 120s. This ability can be collected for as much as 2 uses, with a 5-second cooldown in between each use.

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Increased the speed of HP recovery:- ” Dimitri was developed to improve the survival capabilities of teammates while engaging in intense fight. Now, it supplies more wellness recovery to the group. Gamers can probably say that they lugged the entire group even when they had actually been knocked down.

Healing Heartbeat:- Produces a 3.5 m– diameter recovery zone. Inside, individual and allies recuperate 3HP/ s 5HP/ s. When downed, the customer as well as allies can self-recover to stand up. Lasts for 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15s. Cooldown 85/ 80/ 75/ 70/ 65/ 60s.

D – BEE:

Increased movement speed and accuracy:- ” As you might currently know, moving while shooting has reduced precision. The accuracy boost of Bullet Beats isn’t effective enough to help you win the battle. So, in this patch, we boosted the accuracy and also movement rate of Bullet Beats. So that D– Bee might still slaughter with swag. “

Bullet beats:

When shooting while relocating, activity rate increases by 10/ 12/ 14/ 16/ 18/ 20 % → 20/ 22/ 24/ 26/ 28/ 30 %, precision rises by 20/ 23/ 27/ 32/ 38/ 45 % → 35/ 38/ 42/ 47/ 53/ 60 %.

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Increased the durability of Gloo Walls.” Skyler, Iris, and the new throwable, Gloo Melter– there are currently numerous methods to counter-attack a Gloo Wall. Yet certainly, Nairi will certainly not allow his Ice Iron to be quickly ruined.

Ice Iron:- Once deployed, Gloo Walls recover 20/ 22/ 24/ 26/ 28/ 30 %– 40/ 42/ 44/ 46/ 48/ 50 % of present longevity every ones. 30/ 31/ 32/ 33/ 34/ 35 % boost in damages when using ARs on Gloo Walls.


Raised EP acquired when knockdown–” Crazier threat, crazier return. As you all know, we revamped Miguel’s abilities in the previous patch. Nonetheless, we observed that the competitive advantage of the skill is still not enough for consecutive combat. As a result, in this patch, we raised the skill user’s EP increase to also things out. “

Crazy Slayer:

Gain 30/40/50/ 60/70/80 → 100/120/140/ 160/180/200 EP for each and every knockdown.

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Other Characters :-


Increased accuracy:- ” Elevate your hand if you commonly have a hard time to focus on moving opponents even when scoped in. In this patch, Laura will be a sharper shooter to assist you purpose and fire at your adversaries more accurately. “

Sharp Shooter :- Precision enhances by 18/ 13/ 17/ 22/ 28/ 35 % → 25/ 28/ 32/ 37/ 43/ 50 % while scoped in.


Increased the marking range :– ” I outfitted Damages Supplied, but I still don’t see the attacking adversary’s location!’– if this was you, worry no more! We changed Shirou’s man-marking range to 100m to aid you locate your adversaries much easier. Now simply wait for Shirou to supply your Booyah! “

Damage Delivered :- When an individual is hit by the enemy from within 80m → 100m, said the assailant is marked for sixes (marking only visible to the customer). First shot on marked enemies has 50/ 58/ 67/ 77/ 88/ 100 % additional armor infiltration. Cooldown: 25/ 24/ 22/ 19/ 15/ 10s. For future updates on Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

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