GTA 6 Gameplay Leaks Online in 90 Videos

GTA 6 Gameplay Video Leaked: – A major leak reveals early footage of Grand Theft Auto VI. The following entry in Rockstar’s open-world franchise business, has been leaked online. PC Player reports that a customer on the GTA forum uploaded 3GB of data full of 90 videos of GTA VI videos. It’s not clear exactly how the video was obtained. Yet a “teapotuberhacker” poster claims to be behind last weekend’s unrelated Uber hack as well as saying that they “resource GTA V and GTA VI” including code”. Leaking too much information too quickly”, the property, and testing also evolves.

The large leak lines up with some earlier coverage on GTA VI, showing a women usable personality in some clips. Bloomberg reported earlier this year that GTA VI would include two women lead characters influenced by Bonnie as well as Clyde. Bloomberg press reporter Jason Schreier says he has verified the leak is real via sources at Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 Gameplay Video Leaks :-

The leaked video clips are currently being uploaded online to YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and several PC gaming discussion forums. In a video clip uploaded to YouTube. A playable female personality named Lucia is seen kidnapping as well as robbing a restaurant. There are a lot of placeholder messages showing that it’s unfinished gameplay. And you can even see where the video game engine is looking for things in the scene.

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Another clip shows a playable personality on the “Vice City Metro” train. Which coincides with the record that the game is set in a fictional adaptation of Miami such as 2002’s GTA Vice City. A separate clip features a poolside conversation that sounds similar to the NPC discussions in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2.

It’s unclear how old the video footage is, but some are working on an RTX 3060 Ti as well as an RTX 3080 card. So, any kind of development build cannot be more than 2 years old. Other clips show brand new NPC communication. Updated UI as well as computer animations and even Rockstar’s internal debug device for GTA VI on PlayStation.

While GTA VI is reportedly at least 2 years away. These leaked clips show an early and incomplete development build, along with testing some elements of the game. This isn’t the first time a superstar video game has received so much love. Credible Testimonials was forced to apologize in 2018 after the site published details about the successful launch of Red Dead Redemption 2. Which included a donation of more than $1 million to charity.

We have connected to Superstar proprietor Take-Two to comment on the leakage, and we’ll upgrade you if we hear back. Take-Two appears to have begun filing takedown ask for some GTA VI video organized on YouTube, though. “This video is no more readily available as a result of a copyright claim by Taking 2 Interactive”. Currently appears on some video clips, yet numerous others stay online.

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