Remove These Google Chrome Extensions Immediately From Your System?

Google Chrome offers support for several extensions. These make the web browser safe and productive. Keeping safety in mind, Google also scans before making these extensions available for its web browser. Even after this, some dangerous extensions stealing people’s data dodge the company’s security and take entry. Once again information about some such dangerous extensions has come to the fore.

McAfee has detected a total of 5 dangerous Google Chrome extensions that have been downloaded millions of times. If in your system, delete it immediately.

Google Chrome Extensions :-

Cybersecurity firm McAfee has detected a total of 5 such dangerous Google Chrome extensions. They have been downloaded more than 1,400,000 times and steal people’s data. According to the report, these extensions are useful for watching Netflix together, for website coupons, and for taking screenshots of a website.

McAfee wrote in a blog post that all websites visited by the user are sent to the extension creator’s servers. This is done so that they can insert the code on the visited e-commerce site. This action modifies the site’s cookies. To ensure that the extension authorities receive affiliate payment for any purchased item.

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These are the Dangerous Chrome Extensions:-

Netflix Party8,00,000 Downloads
Netflix Party 23,00,000 Downloads
FlipShop80,000 Downloads
Full Page Screenshot Capture2,00,000 Downloads
AutoBuy Flash Sales20,000 Downloads

If you have installed any of these dangerous extensions before, then uninstall them immediately.

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