Google Paid Tribute to Tim Bergling-known as Avicii, 8 September

Google paid tribute to Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii – the Swedish musician well-known for his massive contribution to EDM on Tuesday. This unique video doodle honors the musician to mark his 32nd birthday on September 8. It’s set with one of Avicii’s best-known hits, “Wake Me Up.” Bergling was raised in Stockholm in 1989 and displayed a talent for music even at a young age. The note accompanying the video doodle indicated that the artist had been mixing songs since 16 years old.

Tim Bergling

Avicii was the artist behind the dance track “Levels,” which reached #1 in several countries, including the UK. The note by Google added, “In addition to breaking down sonic boundaries with hits like the 2013 bluegrass-house-hybrid “Wake Me Up,” Bergling was also among the first DJs and producers to share the spotlight previously; reserved for vocalists and instrumentalists.”

Avicii wasn’t just a phenomenal musician; he was also an exemplary humanitarian. Bergling, who wanted to do more than achieve industry success, also started House for Hunger, a 2012 American tour, which donated its proceeds for fighting hunger worldwide.

Avicii died in 2018 after a lengthy struggle with mental health. In his name, announced 2021 that Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe Arena would be transformed into Avicii Arena.

Tim Bergling

“A Swedish symbol pride, the arena today stands not only as an event venue but also as a hub to the exchange of thoughts focused on mental health,” said the note. The Tim Bergling Fond headed it.

The Tim Bergling Family established the Tim Bergling Fund to honor Tim’s memory, remove stigmatization surrounding suicide, and raise awareness about mental health, particularly among youth around the globe.

Reacting to the Doodle, Bergling’s father Klas said, “The Doodle is fantastic, my family and I feel honored, and Tim would have been very proud and love it. It is a warm and friendly tale of a young man’s dream to become a DJ. However, it also tells us that the journey we take in life is not always easy.

Google stated that the Google Doodle honors Avicii as it honors his “legacy of one of the most important artists to elevate electronic musical music to mainstream global success.”

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