Hey Siri Not Working On iPhone 13? Here’s To Fix It

Hey Siri not working:- You can now ask your phone to do everything from reading the news to making calls, sending texts, and playing music. But as great as Siri is, sometimes you just need to speak to it directly. But if you’ve got an iPhone 13 and you’re having issues saying ‘Hey Siri’ not working, you’re not alone.

This issue is present on all versions of the iPhone 13, but it’s especially prevalent on the higher-end models. Apple says it’s a function of “engineering” in the Siri suite of apps, which makes sense. It’s very difficult to verify if an issue is being caused by a software fix or a hardware change. But with enough reports, we can probably assume the former.

If you’re having trouble saying ‘Hey Siri’ on your iPhone 13, Follow these steps to get it working again. why Hey Siri is not working  and show you how to fix the problem for good!

Fixes for Hey Siri not working on iPhone 13:-

1. Make Sure Your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi

Make sure that you’re using the correct Wi-Fi network for your location. If your iPhone is constantly connecting to the network and going to the login page, even when you’re not connected. Then you may need to switch networks. But make sure you’re connected to the right network. If you’re constantly having problems with your iPhone saying ‘This Network Is Out Of Service’, try switching to another nearby network.

2. Make sure Hey Siri is turned on

Make sure that you’re speaking to your phone, not some other device like a computer or laptop. If you’re constantly getting errors like ‘This Device Is Unrecognizable’ or ‘This Device Isn’t On’ when you try to use Siri, either your phone is broken or you’re not talking to it.

If you’re not speaking to your phone, the software may be processing sounds and words in the wrong order. To fix this, make sure that you’re saying the words the right way.

3. Turn Off and On Your iPhone

If turning off and on your iPhone 4 times doesn’t help, try a harder reset. This essentially resets your phone to its factory settings, so it will be blank and ready to go. But make sure you’re actually removing the iPhone battery and not just pressing the power button.

If you’re still having issues, you can also try rebooting your phone. Hold down the power button for about 10 seconds, release it, and then you can release the buttons and your iphone will shut off.

hey siri not working

4. Try Rebooting Your iPhone

If you’ve been experiencing ‘This Device Isn’t On’ errors when you try to use Siri, you may need to try a hard reboot. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds, release it and then try using Siri again. If you still have issues, you can also try turning off your phone and then turning it on again, which should force the phone to re-boot.

5. Try Recalibrating Hey Siri

Have you ever accidentally set your phone to ‘airplane mode? Or maybe you’ve just been trying to use Siri for the wrong reasons? You may be just setting your phone for a ‘no sound’ mode, which is what it does by default. To re-enable sound, go to Settings and scroll down to ‘Sound’ and select ‘Re-enable sound’.

6. Open the Settings app

Switching between Settings and System Settings can sometimes be difficult, so it’s a good idea to open both apps from the same location. This will make it easier to navigate between features and categories, as well as access different options when you need them.

7. Is your iPhone’s microphone working?

If you’ve been having issues saying ‘Hey Siri’ because your phone is saying ‘This Device Isn’t On’ or ‘No Audio’, then your microphone may not be working.

Make sure that the iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer and that you’re not using any other gadgets. After that, try saying ‘Hey Siri’ and see if you get an audio response. If not, your microphone may not be working properly and needs to be repaired.

8. Reset all settings

If the above steps didn’t help and you’re still experiencing problems saying ‘Hey Siri’ on your phone, you can try resetting all settings on your phone. To do this, go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom and select “Reset”. From there, select “Reset Settings”, and then select “ Reset All Settings ”.

9.Contact Apple Support

If your problem persists, you can also contact Apple Support. But make sure you’re actually doing so and not just looking at the website. Emails, chatbots, and phone support are great, but if you’re having issues with Siri, it’s probably a problem that needs a software fix.

If you’ve been experiencing issues saying ‘Hey Siri’ on your iPhone 13, follow these steps to get it working again.

hey siri not working

“Hey Siri” not working on iPhone 13 Pro Max: Fixed!

First things first, we need to check if the problem has been resolved in an over-the-air (OTA) update. On the Apple Support website, make sure you check for updates regularly, as these are free and distributed fairly frequently. If you haven’t received an OTA update for your iPhone 13 since the beginning. It may be that the problem has been resolved and you can move on to the next step.

If the problem persists, you can try installing the latest beta from Apple’s servers. But be aware that this is a very advanced feature and should only be used by advanced iPhone users.

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