How to Block Email on iPhone

Since you keep getting a lot of emails on your Applephone (many of which are useless), you will want to find a solution to be able to solve this problem. In this article, we will tell you the solution of this problem. In which we explain in a very simple way how to block email on iPhone within the most popular applications.

How to Block Email on iPhone via Mail

If you use the client mail by apple pre-installed in your operating system to manage iOS email, then you can very easily block spam by taking advantage of junk mail.

Let’s explore together the steps to follow:
  • Grab your iPhone, launch the app Mail and then tap on the email receipt that you want to block.
  • Once you have opened the message, just click on the button Flag at the top right and from there choose the option Go to the unwanted area in the menu that appears.
  • If you a. An email has been received from the mailing list. So you can take advantage of the facility offered by mail. Once you have opened the message in question, you should see a banner that includes notification of adhesion to the mailing list. You can try to disable it by clicking Delete Address and confirm by clicking on the corresponding button.

If in doubt, you can restore a message moved to the Junk Mail folder in a very simple way by sliding your finger from the left edge to the right, and then calling up the side menu, selecting Not Requested, and Finding the Message in Pending. Then Tap on Flag and select Mark as Spam.

How to Block Emails on iPhone via iCloud Mail

To block an email message via iCloud Mail, just use a simple browser and connect to the Sites platform. After logging in with your Apple ID, press on the arrow pointing right to the left, under the heading iCloud Mail, and then press the key located in the lower-left corner.

From here, select Rules… and then click on Add a rule…. Through the drop-down menu of Comes From, enter the email address you want to block in the text field, and then select the entry in the Recycle Bin Move to o Move to Cart and Mark as Read via the drop-down menu at the bottom. Lastly, click on Save to activate the new rule.

If in doubt, you can delete the rule by clicking on the button I Delete in your correspondence and selection.

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How to Block Emails on iPhone via Gmail

If you manage your email with Gmail, you can block received messages in a very simple way.

Let’s explore together the steps to follow:
  • Launch the Gmail application on your iPhone and then press the Spam message button.
  • Then press the 3 horizontal dots in the upper right corner (which are present next to the arrow) and select Block username in the menu that appears. From now on, all messages received by the person will be automatically moved to the Spam folder.

If, on the other hand, you convert a message to a. If you want to block newsletters, open the email in question and find the Unsubscribe link which is usually found at the end of the text. Alternatively, you can set up filters that allow you to stream messages directly. Allows automating on Trash or in Spam folders.

In this case, however, one must take advantage of the Gmail web version.
  • So, open Safari or your default browser, connect to the website Location de Gmail and, if necessary, log in to your Google account. Enter the correct credentials.
  • When done, press the 3 dashes in the top left corner and next to Find Desk View Gmail on mobile. Basic HTML. Alternatively, enable Desktop Mode via Settings (in Chromium, click on the button 3 points in the upper right corner and select Request Desktop Site. In Safari, press on the square with an arrow pointing up. And select the option Request desktop site via the gray icon. On Firefox, instead, tap on the 3 digits in the upper right corner and select Request desktop version from the displayed menu).
  • Once Desktop Mode is properly activated, click on the button gear icon located in the upper right corner and select Settings in the menu that appears.
  • In the next step, click on the button Filters and blocked addresses and then select Create a new filter.
  • Through the screen that appears, fill in the fields of To enter the email of the user whose email you want to block, and then adjust the various settings as needed.
  • Lastly, confirm the creation of the new filter by clicking on Create Filter.

If in doubt, always go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses section as mentioned above and press Remove next to Filters. Alternatively, select Edit if you want to change some settings. Of course, you can do the same operation from your computer as well.

Block Email

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How to Block Emails on iPhone via Outlook

About OutlookIf you use the email client Microsoft, you can transfer a message to spam very easily.

Let’s look at the steps to follow together:
  • From your iPhone, launch the application Outlook and then click on Inbox via the side menu (accessed by sliding your finger from the left edge to the right).
  • At this point, tap on the message in question and select Move Junk Mail through the menu that appears after clicking on the 3 horizontal dots right upper corner.

To block itself, the application, unfortunately, does not have a built-in function, so you will have to act from the desktop version of the service website.

Let’s see how to do it:
  • Open Safari or the browser you use to surf the Internet and connect to the Internet portal
  • Once done, activate Desktop Mode by following the instructions in the last lines depending on the navigation application used.
  • Now click on the button 3 dashes in the upper left corner, select Junk mail (folder by section), and then click on one of the emails received from the spam sender.
  • Now, tap on the 3 horizontal dots (present in the correspondence of the name and email address of the user in question) and select Block username in the menu that appears. Confirm your wish by selecting OK.

From now on, all emails from the same person will be automatically transferred to Spam.

How to Block Email Notifications on iPhone

If you intend to specifically block incoming notifications every time you receive new emails, then you will have to work through Settings via iOS. This is a very useful operation, for example, if you are working and do not want to be disturbed.

With that said, let’s figure out how to proceed:
  • To access the gear press the button Settings and then select Notifications.
  • At this point, locate the application that you use to manage your email (for example, Mail, Gmail, or Outlook) and tap on it.
  • In the new window that appears, open the Off switch Allow notifications. – phone.

As an alternative method, you can also use Do Not Disturb, always accessible from Settings via iOS. In this case, activate the program by pressing the corresponding switch and setting the start and end times. However, remember that activating this function will also apply to calls and other notifications from various applications.

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