How to get verified on Instagram with less than 1000 followers?

Instagram verification is a coveted status symbol that many users aspire to achieve. Getting verified on Instagram means that the social media platform has confirmed that you are an authentic public figure, celebrity, or brand. Verified accounts are granted a blue badge next to the account name on Instagram. This badge can help increase your visibility, credibility, and follower count.

Many people assume that it is only possible to get verified on Instagram if you have a large following, but this is not necessarily the case. You can still get verified on Instagram even with less than 1000 followers. In this blog, we will discuss some tried and tested tips on how to get verified on Instagram with less than 1000 followers.

Get Verified on Instagram

  • Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The first step towards getting verified on Instagram is to ensure that your profile is complete and optimized. Your profile should include a bio, profile picture, and relevant information about you or your brand. Use keywords that accurately describe you or your brand in your bio, and include a link to your website or other social media profiles.

  • Build a Strong Online Presence

It is essential to have a strong online presence to increase your chances of getting verified on Instagram. This means actively engaging with your followers and posting high-quality content regularly. Use relevant hashtags and tag other users or brands in your posts to increase your visibility.

  • Build a Following on Other Social Media Platforms

Instagram is not the only social media platform that offers verification badges. Building a following on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube can help increase your credibility and improve your chances of getting verified on Instagram.

  • Apply for Verification

Once you have optimized your profile, built a strong online presence, and built a following on other platforms, you can apply for verification on Instagram. To do this, go to your Instagram profile and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Select “Settings” and then “Account.” Scroll down and select “Request Verification.” You will need to provide your full name, a copy of your government-issued ID, and other relevant information.

  • Be Patient

Getting verified on Instagram is not an easy process, and it can take time. After you have applied for verification, it may take a few weeks or even months before you hear back from Instagram. In the meantime, continue to build your online presence and engage with your followers.

In conclusion, getting verified on Instagram with less than 1000 followers is possible if you follow these tried and tested tips. Remember to optimize your profile, build a strong online presence, build a following on other platforms, apply for verification, and be patient. With persistence and dedication, you can achieve the coveted blue badge on Instagram.


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