How to Get Screen Record on iPhone – The Easy Way!

How To Screen Record On iPhone:- There are so many things you can do with your iPhone that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin. In a world filled with smartphones, it can be challenging to know where to start and what to look out for. That’s where the screen recorder comes into play. “How to Record your Screen on iPhone”

Once you understand How to use the recorder on your iPhone to make videos, you’ll never look back. The ability to record on your iPhone is a powerful tool that can be put to good use quickly. Here’s how to do screen recording on iphone on iPhone 12.

What is a Screen Record?

A screen record is a short video you capture on your iPhone that you can later use to track a phone call, record a conversation, or take a step-by-step tour of your house. You can also use screen recordings to record your thoughts and actions. You can record and save these videos as screenshots which you can then easily share with others via email, Facebook, or other social media channels.

How to Screen Record on iPhone

  • To record on your iPhone, go to Settings and select “Phone”
  • From the Phone menu, scroll down to “Screen Time” and select “Screen Time”
  • In the Screen Time section, enable “Screen recording” and “Screen capture”

From here, you can record and save videos of your screen, or capture what is happening on your iPhone’s display. If you can record both the content displayed and any activity that occurs while using the app. You can also record to Siri and other built-in apps. You can record many different activities at the same time.

how to screen record on iphone

How to Use a Screen Recorder on iPhone

Once you’ve set up the screen recording features on your iPhone, you’re ready to start recording! First, open the app you want to record from. You can do this either from the home screen, the app’s main menu, or the app’s settings page.

When you open the app, you will see a small volume icon in the lower-right-hand corner. From here, you can adjust the volume and toggle the app’s recording mode on and off.

To start recording, just tap the “record” icon in the bottom-right corner of the app. If you want to stop recording, just select the stop icon. Once you’ve chosen the record button, you will see a menu with various options.

Here, you can choose which activities you want to record. Choose the duration of each activity, and select between voice-record and full-screen recording. If you’re only interested in making a short video. You can record in “Screenshot” mode which simply saves the video and allows you to quickly send it to your email, Facebook, or other social media channels.

Setting up screen recording on iPhone 12

Once you’ve chosen the activity you want to record, you will see a “Start recording” option at the bottom-right of the app. This starts recording the app and records your screen. You can see the progress of the recording by looking at the app’s interface.

If you want to stop recording, just tap the “Stop” icon at the bottom-right of the app.

Recording your iPhone 12 screen

If you want to record everything on your iPhone’s display, select “Show screen” to display the app’s UI on the screen you are recording from.

If you only want to record what is happening on the display, select “ recordings” and then simply tap “start” to start recording.

Locating and editing your recording

Once you’ve selected the recording mode, your iPhone will automatically start playing the recording. You can review the recording by tapping “show screen” to display the app’s UI, and then tap the recording to play it back. You can also edit the recording by selecting “edit screen” to display the app’s UI and then using the “cut”, “copy”, and “paste” icons at the bottom-right of the interface to navigate to the desired destination, and then cut, copy, and paste to create a new file.

Take Screenshots with the Screen Recorder

It’s easy to take a screenshot on your iPhone without having to lift a finger. Just press the icon on the bottom-right of the display to take a screenshot, and then select “screenshot” to immediately save the image to your computer or phone’s file system.

If you are taking a screenshot of someone else’s phone, you can simply select “show screen” and then “screenshot” to take a screenshot of that person’s phone.

For example, if you are recording a conversation and you are speaking to your friend and want to save the conversation to your computer, select “show screen”, select “screenshot”, and then tap “save” to take a screenshot and save the image to your computer.

how to screen record on iphone

Make an Audio Record with your iPhone

If you want to record just the speaker’s audio, select “audio-only”. This won’t save any video or save the current location or app used.

In this mode, you will see the displayed contents of the app while you are using it. You can also choose to record a WhatsApp conversation or other communication without having to leave the app.

To record a voice message, just select “message” and then “record voice” to start recording. You can also manually select “record voice” to start recording without having to look at the displayed contents.

When you are done recording, just select “stop” to exit the screen recorder for iphone free.


The ability to How to screen record on iPhone is a powerful tool that can be put to good use quickly. There are so many uses for this, from recording voice calls and messages to taking screenshots and even making movie-quality videos with it.

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