TIPS: If you want to Charger the Phone Fast, Follow these Methods

Nowadays most smartphones come with fast charging support. However, everyone doesn’t need to have such phones. But, it is also true that almost all new phones nowadays offer standard fast charging. Even after this, many times it happens that it is necessary that you have to go somewhere in an emergency and the battery of the phone is dead. So you can adopt some methods to charge the phone quickly. Here we are going to tell you about it.

Plug the Charger into the wall Socket

If you use a computer or USB port for charging, you will not get fast charging support. In such a situation, when it is in a hurry, use the company’s charger for charging the phone only in the wall socket.

Turn off your Phone

If it is possible to offer the phone during charging, then definitely do it. Because by doing this the battery will not be used for any function and the battery will be charged quickly.

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Do not use your Phone while Charging

With the screen on, the screen of the phone goes down very fast. In such a situation, if you do not have any important work or there is no call, then do not use the phone. It would be better to just turn the phone off.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Like the screen of the phone, connectivity also works to drain the phone’s battery rapidly. In such a situation, keeping the phone on airplane mode while charging the phone will give the battery a chance to charge quickly.

The Power Bank is Better

If you are in an emergency somewhere and you do not have time to charge the phone at all, then a power bank can save you in such times. However, the power bank also needs to be pre-charged.

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