HyperX Cloud Stinger S Review: A Solid Pair Of Mid-Range Wired Gaming Headphones

The HyperX Cloud Stinger headset is an excellent set of mid-range gaming headsets that are wired. They have a well-balanced sound profile that is powerful enough to add life to scenes from games. They’re comfortable for prolonged periods of play and can be used with any of the major consoles. The microphone is superb and is great for use in noisy areas. The software is the main downfall, offering nothing in terms of personalization, but at the very least, you’re getting 7.1 surround sound for this price.

HyperX Cloud Stinger S Detailed Review

Here’s this HyperX Cloud Stinger S gaming headset to test. It’s a wired software-enabled 7.1 surround gaming headset and a low-cost option from HyperX’s already wide range of gaming headphones. It’s priced at 5990 rupees. It’s quite a bit of rival from Logitech and Corsair. Let’s have a closer look at the headphones to see whether they’re worth buying.

HyperX Cloud Stinger S: Build And Design

Let’s get started by examining the design and build. The HyperX Cloud Stinger S features the same design in appearance as Cloud Stinger. Both feature a black plastic body; however, instead of red accents on the Cloud Stinger, the Cloud Stinger S features grey accents. Another difference is the mic. While the Cloud Stinger’s mic is detachable, Cloud Stinger S’s microphone isn’t removable. Cloud Stinger S’s microphone is not detachable, and it has an option to turn off the microphone.

As mentioned earlier, Cloud Stinger S is built to last in terms of design. Cloud Stinger S features an all-plastic body that can keep the metal plate inside the headband. The earcups are faux leather on them, and they’re pretty comfortable even after long periods of usage. There’s faux leather on the headband’s side and at the spot where it rests against your head. The earcup hinges and the headband themselves seem a little fragile and cheap when you bend them. In addition, the wire is a soft-rubber coat, i.e., it’s not braided and is rather thin.

We discovered that the Cloud Stinger S to be extremely comfortable to use. The earcups weren’t too tight or placed lots of stress on the ears. Additionally, it didn’t feel like too much heat-accumulating on our ears. But, the climate is quite nice at present, and it might be different in summer where the temperatures are warmer. The headphones were fairly snug on your head but tipped over, or a vigorous movement could cause them to shake off quite quickly, which is not a problem for most. However, it is a shame that the HyperX Cloud Stinger isn’t suitable for people with larger heads. They might struggle to get an adequate seal from these headphones.

With 275g, the Cloud Stinger S weighs 275g; it is quite light, which adds to the overall ease of use that comes with Cloud Stinger S. Additionally, the Earcups on the Cloud Stinger S can rotate. You can turn the earcups downwards and put them on your neck while not in use to provide additional convenience.

HyperX Cloud Stinger S: Features

HyperX Cloud Stinger S HyperX Cloud Stinger S features dynamic 50mm neodymium drivers with closed-back designs. The frequency response of 18Hz to 23kHz is higher than the typical 20-20kHz. The impedance of this pair of headphones stands at 32 O. This means it will be powered by standard consoles and ought to be enough to function with smartphones. However, you’ll miss out on the 7.1 surround sound that comes with this instance.

These headphones have Onboard volume controls and an adjustable volume slider hidden in an ear cup on the right. Connector-wise, there’s a 3.5mm un jack with a USB adapter required to utilize this 7.1 surround sound.

In the final section, we’ll talk about the microphone. We’ve got a uni-directional polar pattern and noise-canceling microphone. It also has flip-to-Mute, which we love and would like to use all headphones.

HyperX Cloud Stinger S: Performance

The HyperX Cloud Stinger S has quite a balanced and bright sound quality. It is quite common among gaming headsets, meaning that games with action scenes have more energy. Because of its balanced profile, The Cloud Stinger S is also good for listening to all kinds of music. But, they don’t have EQ or the ability to alter the sound in any way. The sound quality also depends heavily on the headphone’s fit and placement. As we’ve mentioned earlier, if you have a larger head, that’s why the absence of a good enough seal will affect the quality of sound. Additionally, minor variations in the positioning of the headphone could change the sound that you hear.

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