Jabra Elite 3 Wireless Earbuds Review: Price, Specifications

Jabra is among the most trusted brands for audio equipment. In the past couple of years, the company has introduced several great wireless headphones and earphones. But the one issue that could have prevented many buyers from purchasing Jabra headphones is the price. Jabra headphones aren’t in the category of affordable. But, it’s not an issue anymore since Jabra is now offering their Elite 3, the most affordable earbuds that the company has ever made.

Jabra Elite 3 comes with the ability to support aptX, a design that all can use, and, perhaps most important, the authentic Jabra distinctive sound. The Elite 3 earbuds are stylish in design with many features and great audio quality. Will the Jabra Elite 3 be the best choice for people on a tight budget? We will explore this in our review.

Jabra Elite 3: Design

Jabra Elite 3 looks similar to the Elite 7 Active, Elite 7 Pro, and The Elite 3, at least from a distance. If you dig deeper into the earbuds, you’ll notice distinct differences across all the earbuds. For instance, the Elite 3 features a sharper design than the other Elite earbuds. The earbuds don’t have round corners like their counterparts. The earbuds are a unidirectional design with a triangular elbow and are pointed downwards. There are no fins or hooks to help ensure the earbuds are in place.

Instead of touch controls, Jabra Elite 3 comes with an enormous button on its exterior surface. Can use it to play or pause music. You can play or pause the tune by pressing it on the right-hand side of the earbuds. Double presses to skip the song and triple presses to reverse the song. If you are frustrated by the touch controls, as I do, then you will appreciate the large button that lets you manage the music. But, unlike the earbuds that have touch controls, this Jabra Elite 3 wouldn’t stop the music abruptly when you touched the earbuds.

The Jabra Elite 3 offers an inside-canal fit that is a deep fit into your ear and is there for the duration you’d like it to be. I’ve always been cautious about purchasing earbuds with no hooks or stems since most stemless earbuds don’t suit me well. I wasn’t confident about the Jabra Elite 3 when I was given the device to test.

Jabra Elite 3

When I first put the device on, I was awed by how well the earbuds fitted me. It felt as if they were specifically designed to fit my ears. I used it on long walks and during long video sessions, but I didn’t feel any discomfort or weight. The earbuds won’t fall off until you take them off. They are available in three different silicone ear tips, which you can alter according to the size of your head. They are also light.

The charging case for The Jabra Elite 3’s charging case is constructed from plastic and doesn’t appear very classy. The case’s lid is somewhat fragile. After taking it out of the case, it will also be scratches inside the charger within a couple of days. The build quality is somewhat shaky. However, it’s acceptable when you handle it with caution.

The Earbuds are IP55 tested to ensure safe from dust and water. You can stroll through the rain, and your earbuds will not make you weep (pun intended), and you can sweat in the gym without worrying about your Jabra Elite since they won’t worry about sweating. Earbuds can also be worn when hiking, as they are shielded from dirt and dust.

Jabra Elite 3

Jabra Elite 3: Sound

Although Jabra may have cut corners in other areas like structure and design, they haven’t diminished the audio quality. It’s the Elite 3 that can be coupled using Sound+. Sound+ app lets users select the music they prefer according to their preferences. If you prefer listening to bass-heavy music, you can select an option called the option of the Bass Boost option.

You can also pick the Neutral and Treble boost options that suit your preferences. Pairing your earbuds with your Sound+ app is pretty easy; even for an initial user, it will not be difficult. It’s not necessary to pair the earbuds with the app. You could be fine without it.

Concerning the sound quality, I listened to various music genres, ranging in genres from Bollywood oldies to high-octane club music. ALMOST ALL INSTRUMENTS, INCLUDING THE TEMPURA AND TABLA, COULD BE DISTINGUISHED when I listened to an Indian traditional version of The Shape of You. When I turned off the Bass Boost option in it, I was able to listen to the slightly high-pitched bass of Dua Lipa’s Levitating.

Jabra Elite 3: Performance

I said moderately thumping since it wouldn’t be excessively loud regardless of turning on the bass boost feature. I like earbuds that have an even sound which is why they do. The Jabra Elite 3 ticks all the boxes that I want. The mids, highs, and lows are nicely emphasized. Elite 3 supports Bluetooth codecs, including the standard AptX and SBC However, it does not support AAC, which Apple prefers.

The sound quality was superior when using an Android phone to an iPhone. Even when using an iPhone, the sound quality was not bad.

The Jabra Elite 3 cannot cancel out noise, making some people uncomfortable. But, I’ll tell you that the earbuds are specifically designed to block ambient noise to an 80 percent volume. To benefit from passive noise isolation, make sure that your earbuds are properly placed. There’s also a “HearThrough” mode on the Jabra Sound+ application that, if you switch it on, will allow you to hear the sounds around you through your earbuds as you wear the earbuds.

Jabra Elite 3

Jabra Elite 3: Connectivity

The Jabra Elite 3 does not have multipoint connectivity, as you might have seen on the previously launched earbuds. It’s a sign Elite 3 may be able only to be linked to one device at a time. Another thing that threw me off was a lack of this “auto-pause” system, which means that music won’t end when you take off the earbud. I’ve recently reviewed several budget earbuds, and most of them had automatic pause features. I think it would be better had Jabra had added this feature with its Elite 3.

The earbuds come with four microphones that deliver high-quality crystal clear sound. I wore them through video calls and even long calls but was amazed by the quality of calls.

Jabra Elite 3: Battery

The next most important aspect is the battery, which is the main issue for many users. Jabra claims that their buds can provide the possibility of up to seven hours of battery power with up to 28-hour battery life when using the case for charging. It is possible to recharge the buds in 10 minutes and enjoy playtime for 10 mins. I used the earbuds for more than an hour each day, and they lasted about seven days on one charge. How can I confirm the assertions made by the company? The earbuds have made me forget the batteries.

Jabra Elite 3 Review: Should you purchase it?

Jabra Elite 3 is the most comfortable pair of earbuds that I have encountered recently. Although it doesn’t have hooks or fins, it fits your ears well and can handle jaw movements and other movements that cause earbuds to fall off. Wear them for hours, and not one time will you complain about any discomfort. The reason is that they are light. They also keep out any noise that is generated by the environment. The audio quality is quite balanced. You can use it in conjunction using Sound+. Sound+ app boosts the bass, treble or keeps it neutral.

The battery in these earbuds is one of the USPs in Jabra Elite 3. Jabra Elite 3. It will last for up to a week with a single charge, and you can power it for up to 10 mins to enjoy a time that can last up to an hour.

Jabra Elite 3

The Jabra Elite3 doesn’t include active noise cancellation, multipoint support, or multipoint. The case also does not have an auto-pause function. The case isn’t of the highest quality, and the earbuds aren’t like the premium Jabra earbuds. Overall it’s a good choice. Elite 3 provides an excellent value-for-money at $5999.

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