New Update PUBG Mobile Game- Season 14, Erangel 2.0 Map

Hello friends, nowadays everyone’s life is incomplete without gadgets and smart gadgets in people’s lives have become violence without which people’s day is not complete. Now people have a lot of crazes to play digital games. And people are also earning money by playing digital games. That’s why people like to play digital games more. PUBG game is played in most digital games. People like to play games more. Because Pubz game’s graphics, map, gun skin, PUBG character, and character clothes are all the things that make Pujz game different from other games. This is the reason why people are drawn towards the PUBG game.

Recently an update is coming in the PUBG game. In which PUBG is going to bring many updates for its users in season 14. Season 14 is going to bring you updates on Map, Neue Weapon, Payload, Niue Setting, Niue Arena in the PUBG game.

PUBG Mobile Game

Paheli update will come on 7th July 2020, this update will be an update of 0.19.0. In which you will get two new map updates. Whose names are livik and Erangel 2.0? In these map updates, a map in which you have been made a map by taking some places of all the maps so far.
And maybe also you can get team member updates, in which you can play with a team of 8 members instead of 4.

Then you will get the second update in the season 20 after season 13 is over. And season 13 will end on 12th July 2020, then you will get the update of season 14 on 13th July 2020. In this update, you will get to see and run New Weapon. And New Weapon Skin will be available to use.
And along with this, you will also get a new setting update in the season 14 update.

You may also find vehicle updates in PUBG, in which you will get to see Niue Car and Niue Birdium, Niue Jeep, Niue Dacia, and Niue Bike.

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