Oppo Upcoming Smartphone Teases its Retractable Camera; Here’s a Look

Every year, we are introduced to the development of new technologies that can enhance mobile photography in 2021 (even 2022), which isn’t going to be the same. Oppo has presented various exciting technologies to unveil new models during China’s forthcoming INNO Day event. One of the cameras is retractable that Oppo has announced as a teaser.

Oppo Retractable Camera Tech Showcased

Oppo, through official Twitter, published an unofficial video that shows its retractable camera technology on smartphones. The video showcases an unidentified Oppo phone sporting a primary camera that slides between the two, similar to how traditional cameras function. Like the pop-up cameras, the retractable model will slide out when the camera application is launched and retract when the image or video has been taken.

The primary goal of this technology is to allow smartphones to have better zooming capabilities. Also, it is to get rid of the massive camera bumps we’ve seen in the past. The teaser video doesn’t display the camera’s hump wholly eliminated, but it may be more effective than other alternatives. We’ll likely get more information during the Oppo INNO Day event in China on the 14th of December.

It’s also known that the latest technology will not be affected by water and could take pictures even in the rain. Its durability is also guaranteed since it’s immune to falls and drops that happen accidentally. The camera will come sporting an aperture of f/2.4 and 50mm of focal length in terms of the technical specifications. It will also have a 1/1.58-inch sensor.

The brand new Oppo tech isn’t exactly the only one. As you may recall, Xiaomi, in January this year, unveiled its retractable large-aperture camera for smartphones. The company showed a retractable display in 2013, but it hasn’t been commercialized.

A thing to keep in mind is that additional details regarding the technology remain hidden in the shadows. We aren’t sure which phone will be equipped with the technology and if it’s designed to be used commercially immediately or is merely a prototype to showcase. We’ll answer these questions when Oppo reveals the specifics.


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