Pre-Registered PUBG New State Before Launch

There’s huge excitement in the United States regarding online games like PUBG. While this is happening, South Korean game developer company Crafton has made a huge announcement on Thursday. It will shock you to learn of this claim by the company.

In accordance with the company’s claims about over 40 million registrations for pre-registration, it appears that PUBG New State has completed its second alpha testing across 28 countries during the month of August (on Google Play Store and App Store. ) However, there were over 4 crore pre-registrations. Crafton stated in a public announcement that it had recently started pre-orders in India and has resulted in a massive rise in pre-registrations. The director for PUBG New State Minkyu Park.

will be available by the end of December 2021.

Park said, “We are extremely enthusiastic about the game and have witnessed a worldwide degree of enthusiasm. “We are now doing the second alpha test of PUBG – New State and are focused on getting feedback on how to improve the game before its official launch by December 2021,” Park stated.

Pre-Registered PUBG New State

The exact date at which real Battle Public New State will be available on mobile devices and desktop devices is October. It was created by the company. New State is expected to launch as a game that is free to play for Android as well as iOS from 2021. PUBG New State is the first battle royale experience of PUBG Battlegrounds. The game makes it appear like a real fight on mobile.

  • Pre-registration for PUBG New State
  • Click on the Pre-registration link on Android and iOS
  • Will be REDIRECT on APP STORE.
  • Then, click on the Pre-registration options via Google Play or Pre-order option on the App Store.

The game is available for download when it’s officially released.

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