PUBG New State is launched. The complete information you should be aware

Krafton announced their PUBG New State game for phones worldwide on 11 November. This game is now accessible to Indian smartphone players on each Android and iOS platform. The game is now only available on the Google Play Store page, while the Apple App store page says it will be available for download starting on 12 November.

PUBG New State: The complete information-

In-app purchases and languages

The game PUBG New State was officially released by Krafton in 17 languages. The game includes in-app purchases, which vary from up to Rs 7,900.

Download and install

It is possible to download and run the game PUBG New State from its Apple App Store and Google Play Store listings. It’s the Google Play Store page now includes an install button since the game is now live. The Apple App store page says that the game will be accessible to download starting on 11 November.

New Backdrop

The PUBG New State is based in 2051. It features futuristic architecture as well as a game that uses advanced technology. The game also features the battle royale mode that has 100 players and has additional game modes too.

New Map

In PUBG New State has a new map called Troi. It’s as if it’s a remake of the classic Erangel map. It has detailed urban environments like shopping malls and skyscrapers. The game requires innovative methods, and gameplay elements play a significant role to take on.

New Gameplay Elements

The PUBG New State also brings new gameplay elements such as vehicles and weapons that replace the traditional motorbikes and cars. Weapons in this game look better, and the bullet count (that displays how many bullets you can find in your magazine) has also received an update.

PUBG New State

Customization of Weapons

PUBG New State has modified the standard PUBG game’s gameplay by incorporating weapons customizations into the game. This feature allows players to improve their weapons during an online match. This feature is already in place in the form of weapon attachments for Apex Legends, and it’s even included on the menu in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Stacking Weapons

The game allows players to put weapons and other items in the trunks inside their cars. If you’re looking for extra treasures that you don’t want to put in your bag, you could always use your vehicle’s trunk to store them.

On-Screen data

There’s a wealth of information displayed during the game, starting with triggers for weapons to numbers of gamers still alive. The previous version included kills as well as the number of players still active. The PUBG New State shows the number of kill-assists as well as other data.

The system requirements are for Android.

PUBG New State appears to have a memory of 1.4GB on the Google Play Store, but it could differ across devices. Android devices must have at minimum 2GB of RAM as well as a 64-bit CPU. They must be running Android 6.0 or higher to play the game. Vulkan 1.1 and higher or OpenGL 3.1 or greater is required to play the game. It might only support Higher graphics/frame rate settings on top-end devices and flagships.

The system requirements are for iOS.

Users who play with iOS devices can download and install the game on 12 November. Devices running iOS 13 or above or iPadOS 13 or above with a minimum of 1.4GB of storage will be able to play the game. Higher graphics and frame rate settings might only be available on specific models.

PUBG New State

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