PUBG New State Release Date for India and Worldwide November 11

PUBG New State release date will be on November 11, the publisher Krafton announced at its showcase event on Friday. This South Korean company said that the game’s new mobile release would be available on Android and iOS in over 200 countries. Including India after final testing of the game’s technical aspects in 28 countries held between October 29 and 30. PUBG New State which was launched in February was said to have received over 50 million pre-registrations across Android and iOS. Pre-registration for the game started all over the world shortly after the announcement of the game but only made it into play in India in September.

Krafton stated that at its event, which was live-streamed via YouTube. It was announced that PUBG New State will launch a mobile game available in 17 languages around the world.

The PUBG New State Game

The final test for technical aspects of New State is scheduled to be carried out the week following in 28 countries, which are, in particular, Bahrain, Cambodia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey as well as the UAE and Yemen.

The game will take place in 2051; New State will bring a new combat royale gaming experience on mobile platforms. The Game includes a brand-new rendering system and a gunplay feature that is in line with the version for PC. It will also include new graphics technology, as the company has teased.

Like the initial PUBG: Battlegrounds for PC and consoles, PUBG: New State will be created through PUBG Studios. It will have new maps and more enjoyable gameplay.

“PUBG: New State inherits the foundation of the PUBG IP and has an edge by itself in the international game market,” declared Krafton, the CEO, CH Kim, in a statement. “Krafton is continuing to develop games that gamers from all over the globe will play. We’re determined to provide an enhanced experience that is with the conviction that games will be the most powerful form in media.”

Creative Director Daehun Kwon said the game’s creative director Daehun Kim stated that PUBG: New State is focused on pushing the genre of battle royale to the next level with new features for gameplay which include, but aren’t restricted to, weapon customization as well as the drone store and a unique player recruitment system. The game will feature four unique maps, including the futuristic-themed Troi and the franchise’s most popular Erangel. It will also get regular updates to bring in new content and offer an improved game experience. A season-based service focused on a balance of gameplay and enjoyment, the executive explained.

Krafton will be actively communicating with players and offering stable gaming services by establishing nine service hubs around the world, according to Director of Publishing Henry Chung.

PUBG:- New State

To Stop Cheating on PUBG: 

New State, Director of Anti-Cheat Unit at PUBG Studios, Sangwan Kim, said that Krafton would ban the use of unlicensed software, emulators as well as keyboards and mice and actively identify and block hacks. It is also said to review and analyze the feedback of its players, which is expected to be implemented in in-game updates.

PUBG New State

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