How to fix an Apple Watch not charging

The Apple Watch is a treasure of a thing: This writer gets on their 5th one, the Apple Watch Series 7. However while it’s magnificently made, it’s even more like a phone than a mechanical watch when it concerns its battery. If I don’t charge mine daily it soon lacks power.

So charging troubles aren’t simply annoying, they’re tragic. Fortunately, most charging problem are quickly fixed. As well as if the worst happens and your battery’s entirely gone it’s not as well costly to change it.

Here’s what to do when your Apple Watch won’t charge.

Apple Watch not charging

1. The basic bits

Allow’s start with the essentials. Is your Apple Watch totally dead? If it is, it will not power on the minute that you connect it to the battery charger even if both watch and battery charger are perfectly healthy and balanced, yet the lightning bolt need to appear after a couple of minutes on a charge. If it does, give it one more 30 minutes on the charger to see if the battery fees usually.

No happiness? Check that your charging cable is connected to the charger. That its USB connector is fully plugged in, that the charger’s plug isn’t knocked out completely or even slightly. It seems obvious, we understand, though not so obvious that we raved about a dead gadget before uncovering that we knocked the battery charger while vacuuming or that the kids actually disconnected it. Had given.

If the charger is connected to an expansion lead, make sure it is connected and not switched off. Try connecting the charger directly to an electrical outlet. If that works then your extension lead is the problem here.

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2. Use the Apple bits

If your charger isn’t the Apple initial, placed it away as well as obtain the battery charger and wire that featured your Watch. Plug it in, connect the Watch to the charging puck as regular and also give it a few minutes to see if the lightning bolt shows up. If it does, the fault is most likely with your third-party battery charger.

3. Restart if you can

Is cable television clasping itself in the right area on the back of your Apple Watch’s? Has the safety plastic been removed from either side of the charging puck? Is the puck and back of your Apple Watch clean and without anything that could keep them from attaching properly?

  • If you have another USB power adapter, make use of that rather than the existing one.

If you have actually had more than one Apple Watch you likely have an old charging cable television kicking around. If you do, dig it out, attach it as well as see if that addresses your problem. Apple Watch charging cords don’t have a tendency to suffer the misuse that apple iphone chargers have to endure, yet they can still damage. Indications of damage aren’t constantly obvious. A cable television may look fine on the outside however be damaged within.

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4. Restart if you can

If your Apple Watch still has some battery power, attempt a Force Restart. You can do this by pushing and also holding the Digital Crown and also the side button simultaneously and holding them for a minimum of 10 seconds, or up until you see the Apple logo. This will certainly reset the Apple Watch software, so if the charging problem is a software program problem it might address your trouble.

5. Call in the big guns

If you’ve attempted everything as well as your Apple Watch is still not charging, it’s time to get some outside assistance. Apple doesn’t do Apple Watch repair services inside Apple Stores, so you’ll need to check out the Apple web site’s Apple Watch area(which opens up in a new tab). From here you can speak to an expert or set up to send your Apple Watch in for repair.

It’s important to note that if your Apple Watch’s runs out guarantee, battery substitute is not totally free unless there’s a manufacturing mistake. At the time of writing, out-of-warranty battery replacement is ₤ 82 in the UK and also $79 in the United States.

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