Why didn’t anyone tell me about this iOS Screenshot Trick?

iOS screenshot trick :- I feel similar to a TikTok designer who revealed a secret technique for creating scribbles on your screenshot method. Why didn’t anyone inform me about this? Rmal Media posted a video clip on TikTok this week showing how you can easily block scribbles created on iPhone screenshots. So, that the circles look right or the arrows look like real arrows.

iOS Screenshot Trick :-

Most forms work right here. If you’re a fan of squares, rectangular shapes, and even triangles, just merely draw them messily and after that hold down to witness the magic. I have no suggestion when Apple added this to the screenshot device. However, it’s been readily available since iPhone 15 at the very least. A comparable trick has likewise been offered in the Notes application for a couple of years.

I feel stupid for not knowing this, however, the iPhone screenshot tool teems with cool techniques that aren’t noticeable. You can create a full webpage screenshot if you’re making use of Safari as well as wait to PDF. There’s even a magnifier you can make use of to highlight a part of a screenshot by reducing the opacity around it.

If you think screenshots in iPhone are too many gems in the device, take a look at the home screen and even iPadOS and iOS. Apple usually hides useful features behind touch motions that will constantly wow you as soon as you recognize they exist.

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