Elon Musk Says Starship Rocket Could Go to Space, Next Month

The next flight of Elon Musk next-generation area lorry, Starship. Seems as though it’s been just a couple of months away for over a year now. Today the SpaceX owner’s passion to send his magnum opus rocket to orbit for the very first time in the coming weeks is starting to feel more possible.

When asked on Twitter Wednesday when the initial orbital flight of Starship might finally occur. The globe’s richest man responded, “Late next month perhaps, yet November seems extremely most likely.”

For Musk, the short trip to space is a big step on the way to the moon and Mars.

Elon Musk Says Starship Rocket

A Starship prototype identified SN 15, ended a high-altitude flight (within the Earth’s atmosphere) as well as landed without taking off on May 5, 2021. This is the last time the spacecraft NASA wants to use to send Artemis astronauts back. The lunar surface has left the ground. (Starlink Satellites)

Since then, Musk and SpaceX have actually been busy preparing for ( Spacex Starship ) Starship’s first orbital demo flight. Which will see the automobile launch atop the super heavy booster for the first time. Just this week the first stage’s big booster fired with seven engines detonating for the first time on test. This is more than twice the number of engines in the previous test and less than a quarter of the engines that would comprise a fully packed Super Heavy. Which has been developed to offer it with 33 composite engines. (Spacex Investors)

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Starship Rocket Go Space, Next Month

In addition to completing testing and having the super heavy ready to go, SpaceX requires a launch permit from the Federal Aviation Management before issuing Starship (not that this requirement has really stumped the company in the past).

So eventually, all eyes get on the FAA, which offered SpaceX a tentative authorization when the launch plan passed a crucial environmental review in June. But with 75 required changes to the mission profile that require to be completed before the permit is turned over. (Musk Twitter)

On the other hand, Musk is wanting to do a full “wet dress rehearsal” of the launch and also test fire a 33-engine Super Heavy for the very first time in the coming weeks. (Elon Musk Companies)

When the Starship and Super Heavy finally launch alongside each other. The test flight will send the former for a short orbit trip followed by a splashdown off the coast of Hawaii. While the Super Heavy landing on an optimized oil landing attempt arrives. Is, Rig in the Gulf of Mexico. (Elon Musk Bloomberg)

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