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Hello Friends, If you are also searching on Google about Top Android Tips and Tricks, then you read the right place because in this post you will find some of the best Android Tips and Tricks.

Friends, today everyone has at least one Android phone because now they are available much cheaper than before and with this, they are easily available offline or online.

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So let’s talk more on this topic of today, about Top Android Tips and Tricks so that you can know more about Android phone and you can enjoy it better.

Top Android Tips and Tricks :-

So here are some great Top Android Tips and Tricks.

How to make an Android phone look like a Computer?

If you want your Android phone to look like a computer, then you can do it quite easily with the help of just one app on your phone.

Friends, for this you have to download the window launcher app on your phone. The link to download it from Play Store is given below.

You can activate it by downloading the Windows launcher app from the above link and saving it as the default launcher and after that, your Android phone will look exactly like a computer as you can see in the image below.

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How to Record the Screen on an Android Phone?

If you want to record the screen of your Android phone and make a video of it, then you can do it very easily through the method given below.

For this, you have to install the best screen recorder on your phone and after that, you will be able to record your phone screen quite easily.

For this, you have to install DU Recorder on your phone from Play Store. The link to download it is given below.

This is a great app through which you can make a video by recording the screen of your mobile free of cost.

Using this, you can create any tech or other tutorial and upload it to YouTube or other social media platforms.

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How to Extend the Battery life of an Android Phone?

If the battery of your Android phone runs out very soon, then these Android tips will prove to be very helpful for you.

Friends, our phone’s battery drains quickly when an app is open in the background or the brightness of our phone is high, or due to other reasons.

In such a situation, the Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler app will help you a lot in this, so that your phone’s battery will be consumed less and your battery will last longer.

You can download Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler from Play Store or download it directly from the link given below.

Install it and give it access to your phone and after that this app will help your battery last longer.

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What to do when an Android Phone Hangs?

If your Android phone hangs or keeps getting stuck again and again, then for this you follow the below tricks.

Friends, your phone hangs more when you have less RAM in your phone and use more apps. In such a situation, uninstall the app from your phone that you do not use.

Apart from this, even if many apps are open simultaneously in the background. It seems that your phone will hang, in such a situation. You can close all the apps by clicking on the button on your phone’s task manager. In this way, your phone will start working properly again.

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How to Hide a file in Android Files?

If you want to hide any file or folder on your Android phone, then you can do that very easily. For this, read this post below in detail.

  • Complete information about how to hide folders

Here you will be told in the shortcode, then you will have to put. Have to put That is, if the name of that folder is video, then you have to edit it and make it video.

After this, your folder will be hidden which will not be visible in the file manager see it again, for one you have to know in the menu and click on show hidden folders, about which you can read in detail by clicking on the link given above.

So hope you liked this great post in which you all learned tips and tricks related to Android.

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