What is Google Assistant? – Complete Information About

Google Allo (Google Assistant) has been launched and you must have wanted to know “What is Google Allo (Google Assistant)?” or “How can Google Allo benefit you” or “How to use Google Allo” or “How to download it?”

Google Allo

So in this post I will tell you complete information about Google Allo. So that you can enjoy this great app on your Android phone or Apple phone.

Google Allo (Google Assistant) is a messaging app that works exactly like Messenger and Whatsapp but better in many ways.

Google Allo

If you have not yet known about Google Allo (Google Assistant) and are curious to know about it, then this post is absolutely for you because in this post we will tell you about this new and best Google Allo (Google Assistant) App. Complete information about.

Google Allo App (Google Assistant)

As its name suggests, Google Allo (Google Assistant) has been launched by the largest internet company Google. Which is in trend for its best features.

Actually this app is great because from the very first day I am connected to it and understand its various types of options.

Google Allo (Google Assistant) I will share this information with all of you so that you too can enjoy this great app to the fullest.

Let me tell you that Google Allo (Google Assistant) is absolutely free.

So let’s know the complete information about Google Allo (Google Assistant) in turn.

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1. What does Google Allo (Google Assistant) do?

Google Allo (Google Assistant) has a different feature than a messaging app.

Through this app you can make your plan, get any information, read news, translate and many more which you can learn after using it.

I will also give you some demos below how it works.

If we tabulate its features then it is exactly like below….

  • You can do Smart Reply through this.
  • You can share photos and stickers through this.
  • You can also take help from it, that means it works exactly like your assistant.

2. Smart Reply of Google Allo (Google Assistant)

Google Allo is being appreciated a lot for its smart reply. It gives you the right suggestions through your previous reply.

That is, when you do something or get a message. According to this you are given some option by selecting. Which you can reply quickly without writing.

It’s a very comfortable experience.

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3. How to download Google Allo (Google Assistant)?

Google Allo (Google Assistant) is available on the Play Store for Android users and you can easily install it on your Android phone.

Download it by clicking below to install it on your Android phone.

  • After downloading, you open it and here you will first be asked for your mobile number, Enter it.
  • After this a verification code will come on your mobile which you have to enter in the next screen.
  • Along with this, Google Allo (Google Assistant) also asks for some permissions here, which you have to allow.
  • After this, you have to upload your profile photo by taking it or uploading it from the gallery (if you want, you can also skip it.
  • And after that enter your name below and click on Next.
  • Now you will see a screen like the figure below which is Google Assistant. You can get a reply by writing anything here. You can also send messages and create group chats.

4. Google Allo (Google Assistant) supports Incognito Mode.

One of its best features is that it supports Incognito Mode. That is, when you turn on Incognito mode, it will not save any of your chats or other things.

Which is probably such a facility has been given in some other app.

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5. Google Allo can also Translate.

  • Yes, if you want to translate anything in any language, then it can also translate for you.
  • As I have written in the figure below “Translate” and we immediately got the answer “What’s up”
  • Similarly you can translate anything in any language.

6. Google Allo can also set an Aalarm.

  • You can set alarm by just speaking or writing through this great app. You can see in the figure below how we have set our alarm.
  • It is very easy and very interesting too.

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7. You can also entertain with Google Allo.

  • If you are feeling bored sitting alone, then this app can also entertain you. You have to write there “I’m Bored” and it will bring some options in front of you.
  • Here you get the option of videos, games, funny facts, jokes etc., by clicking on which you can entertain yourself.

8. In Google Allo, you can search from @google.

If you want to search something about something, you can still use this app. You have to write the thing after @ about which you want to search and it will present the result in front of you.

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