What is International Shipment Release in FedEx Tracking?

International Shipment Release (IR) is a tracking system that allows you to see where your FedEx shipment is at any given time. By using this feature, you can know if your package has been delivered, misplaced, or delayed.

If you’ve never heard of this feature before, then you’re in good company. Even though it’s one of the most well-known features available in FedEx tracking, many users still don’t know what it does exactly. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about International Shipment Release in FedEx tracking and how to set it up on your own.

What is an International Shipment Release?

Like all the other tracking features, International Shipment Release (IR) works on a trust-based model. That means that you place all the responsibility for the tracking of a shipment in the hands of the carrier. You know exactly when, where, and to whom your packages are being sent and received. If there is something wrong with your shipment, then you’ll be offered the opportunity to claim a refund or replace the package at no cost to you.

IR works a little differently though. While other tracking systems rely on you taking physical delivery of your packages, with IR you have no way of verifying that this has happened. Your only option is to watch the journey of your package from start to finish and see if it turns up where you think it should be.

What is International Shipment Release in FedEx Tracking?

When you choose to use the International Shipment Release (IR) feature in FedEx tracking, you are Dialing Back the Role of the Carrier. This is another way of saying that IR reduces the importance that a carrier plays in the delivery of a package.

When you choose to “release” a shipment, then FedEx will “freeze” the delivery address. From that frozen address, FedEx will then look for the carrier to deliver the package. If the package is found. Then the driver will be released at the destination address and the package will be delivered to the actual address. Now, this all seems pretty straightforward, right?

However, there are some nuances to remember. For one, if the actual address is different from the address associated with the tracking number, then that’s a problem. This is known as a “reconciliation issue” and can cause significant delays in the delivery of your package. You can try to track your package if you have this kind of problem but you’ll need to do so from the same location where you set up the IR system.

How to activate International Shipment Release in FedEx Tracking

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available for all Fedex Ship international routes. To use International Shipment Release in FedEx tracking, you must:

– Choose to use the “FedEx International” tracking option.

– Set up an account with the “FedEx International” tracking number.

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Why is International Shipment Release in FedEx Tracking important?

There are a few reasons why you’ll want to consider using DHL International Shipment release import in FedEx tracking. The first is that it lets you know if your package has been delivered. You can check this directly from the tracking screen if you don’t want to sift through the different options and tabs on the website.

If you’ve set up the IR system on an item that you’ve recently received, then this is the first time that the tracking number has shown up on the website. Federal Express international shipping service (IR) will let you know if the number has been used recently.

How to use International Shipment Release in FedEx Tracking

Now that you know what Fedex Tracking International Shipment Release. Why you’d want to use it, let’s get started using it.

You’ll want to ensure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome, Adobe Flash Player, and any other software that may be necessary to use the features that IR provides. You’ll also need to have Internet connectivity so that you can access the website that hosts the tracking number. Global shipping on ebay

Once you’re on the website, you’ll need to select the “details” tab to view the current status of your shipment. You should see a “freeze” icon next to the address that is associated with your account. shipping household goods internationally

When you see this icon, then you know that the delivery address has been frozen and is not currently in use. There are a few ways that you can release this address. The easiest way is to use the “deliver to” drop-down menu and select “deliver to this address”. You can also enter the address in the “Receive” tab and select “deliver to that address”. Once you’ve selected the “deliver to” drop-down menu, then you’ll need to indicate the “from” address. From there, you’ll be able to select the “from” address that you’d like your package to be delivered to.


The good news is that Fedex International Shipment Release is one of the most useful features available in the tracking program. By using this feature, you can know if your package has been delivered, misplaced, or delayed. Even though there are many reasons why you’d want to use international e commerce shipping in FedEx tracking. It’s easy to set up and use. So, next time you have a question about the status of a package. You just want to be sure that package has not been stolen. Then you should consider using this feature.

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