What is Jio AirFiber? How does it work? Learn everything here

Jio AirFiber was announced on Monday during Reliance AGM 2022. It is an ultra-high-speed fixed broadband solution. It will deliver fiber-like speed wirelessly. During AGM 2022, Akash Ambani told that this device can be placed anywhere at home or office to provide high-speed internet. Jio AirFiber is a simple plug-and-play device that will deliver wireless 5G connectivity for cloud gaming, immersive sports viewing, and many more.

What is Jio AirFiber? What is AirFiber?

AirFiber works on radio-based solutions and it is wireless. It will provide high-speed internet like fixed broadband. But, no wire will be used in this. In addition, Jio Air Fiber will also have enough bandwidth to connect many devices at home Airfiber Jio or office to it.

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How will this work?

A small antenna for any AirFibers will be installed in the user’s building. It will receive the signal directly from the nearby Reliance tower. This will provide a fixed and fast wireless connection. In such a situation, the chances of any kind of problem in the network will also decrease in comparison to wired internet connections.

During the AGM, Jio also showed the power of AirFiber. Through this, users will be able to watch IPL matches in UHD from multiple camera angles. Not only this, but users will also be able to switch to any camera angle. Also, it will get ultra-low latency for gaming.

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When will Jio AirFiber launch?

At present, Jio has not given any date for the release of the Jio AirFiber 5G Hotspot device. Jio will start 5G services in select cities by Diwali. In the coming months, 5G will be extended to the rest of the people as well. In such a situation, Jio Air Fiber can also be launched in select cities till Diwali.

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