Where Is the Call of Duty Battle Pass in MW2?

Gamers are ultimately hopping into Call of Duty Modern War 2 yet where is the Battle Pass for the game?

Fight Passes offer players something to function towards in multiplayer video games and Call of Duty Battle Passes are typically full of skins and weapon plans that players wish to unlock.

Nonetheless, players hopping into MW2’s multiplayer have discovered that there is no Fight Pass yet. This is especially concerning for players that got free Tier skips for pre-ordering the Modern War 2 Vault Edition.

Do not worry though, we have obtained the solution to where the Battle Pass is as well as when it will certainly get here!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 First Battle Pass Release Date

The initial MW2 Battle Pass will certainly get here along with the launch of Period 1 of Modern Warfare 2 and the Warzone 2.0 launch day.

Up until that day, November 16, 2022, there will certainly be no Fight Come On Modern Warfare 2 for gamers to level up.

Nonetheless, gamers can already begin grinding to unlock the fantastic brand-new MW2 Mastery Camos!

In addition, Activision has not revealed what will certainly be included in the MW2 Season 1 Battle Pass yet. However, we envision it will be a similar offering to the previous Call of Duty Battle Passes so it will include Operator skins, brand-new weapons, blueprints, and extra.

Until then, why not learn how to unlock every one of the Operators in Modern War 2? There are more than 20 of them at launch so that need to keep you busy while you wait on the Battle Pass!

At the same time, lots of various other players are asking about skill-based matchmaking in Modern War 2. However what is SBMM and also it remains in MW2?

In addition to waiting on the Fight Pass, some fan-favorite video game modes won’t be in MW2 at launch. Below’s the list of Modern War 2 multiplayer game modes so you can check if your favorite is there!

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